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Spirit With A Mission™ Retreats:

Your World of "Yes!"

January 9

A Personal Renaissance

April 9

Harvest of Your Life

September 17

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Blog: Martha's Metaview

  Martha shares 
insights and strategies to support your personal growth
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About the Founder, Martha Hopewell

A Message from Martha Hopewell


You are a wise and wonderful coach and human being and “we”, your workshop participants and coachees, benefit from your reflections and presence in our lives in whatever form that takes.

Mary Ann B.,                       College Administrator


This retreat was a perfect way to begin the new year. Martha has designed a wonderful day to reflect and set intentions and plans to bring them to life. If you want to kick start your year with love and energy, this is the way to do it!

Carol S.                                       Executive Coach 


Martha is a gifted coach; she is insightful, compassionate and encouraging. Through guided meditations, smart goal setting, deep listening and challenging feedback, she was able to move me beyond my own limitations into possibilities.

Jane M.J., Artist


I highly recommend taking Martha with you when entering new territory in your life. She laughed with me when I needed to lighten up, saw the big picture when my vision had narrowed and helped me find new ways to move forward when my feet were stuck in the mud. She is a great "traveling companion" and coach for the Journey!

Johanna H., Business Consultant


I would like to express my appreciation for your leadership in the strategic planning process. Faced with a divergent crew and an unusual, mulit-missioned non-profit, you were able to keep us focused. The destination was often elusive and the course rife with rocks and shoals, but with your guidance we got there.                                         

Kent W. Matthews Cdr. USCG (Ret.)   President & CEO             Brighton Marine Health Center